Eco Packaging


Our oceans are saturated with plastics. Every second, more than 200 kg of garbage goes into the ocean. Plastic does not fully degrade; it breaks down into microplastics that are even more dangerous to marine life. Turtles, fish, and birds almost always ingest these microplastics.

We have a basic principle - to generate the least possible impact on the planet.

Zero packaging would be ideal but unfortunately some type of packaging is required to safely deliver products to our consumers.

How we reduce our environmental impact.

We mainly sell solid products. This has a great impact on reducing plastic and water waste. Liquid shampoos, conditioners and foaming cleansers are mostly 90% water in plastic bottles. An epitome of waste! Solid concentrated bars are a giant leap in eco-friendly packaging. (Read more)

source: National Geographic, Environment Canada

photo: personal